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Astronomy Benalla  Baddaginnie Dark Sky Site Report - Saturday 12th June 2010   Much ado about nothing. It was only a matter of time before statistics would catch up with Astronomy Benalla on their viewing nights. Having had clear, dark skies each viewing night for the preceding five months, the June 12th evening was heavily clouded over. Six members had arrived early at the Baddaginnie Recreation Reserve, all eagerly looking skyward and only seeing the odd open patch between the clouds from horizon to horizon. Two even took the chance, unpacked and erected their telescopes.  As the hot water urn had been switched on upon our arrival, it was decided to have an early cuppa, cross our fingers and hope for some wind to blow the clouds away. After a two-hour wait it was decided to call the viewing off by which time we had already sent two lots of visitors home. Our total viewing consisted of a glimpse of one star for a few seconds and one bright meteor streaking north through high cloud. Two members had made comprehensive lists of a number of galaxies & star clusters they wanted to view during the night so were very disappointed. Ron Edwards who had travelled down from Yarrawonga was very eager to obtain first light for his new lightweight 80 mm ‘Sky Watcher’ refractor telescope. He did at least show the instrument to the others who were very impressed, before he started his long drive home. The President, on reaching home 15 minutes later looked skywards and had no problem seeing literally 100’s of stars. The clouds had dissipated but the very high humidity was causing the stars to twinkle badly, resulting in poor seeing. Within several minutes he had received phone calls on what the others had also seen on arriving home.                ‘You win some and lose some!’ The next viewing night will be Saturday 10th July. So rug up, cross your fingers and hope for a clear & dark sky and we will see you at the Baddaginnie Recreation Reserve.
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