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Astronomy Benalla  Viewing Report - Saturday 21st February 2015 Winton Wetlands Dark Sky Viewing Night    -     Rupe Cheetham Potential cloud and the attraction of the Melbourne bright lights reduced our usual number of viewers to just three this  month. However the spasmodic cloud dissipated during dusk and we were rewarded with the Milky Way in all its glory  for the latter hours.  Initially the two day crescent Moon low in the west shone brightly between the ruddy sun set  clouds accompanied by Venus and the red planet Mars for a neat conjunction. This was a great view, through  binoculars and to be photographed.   Bev set up her refractor and had Jupiter’s four Galilean moons aligned on one side. Rupe pointed his Newtonian to  the southern heavens of Centaurus, Crux and Tucana, doing the double stars and the best of the large globular  clusters, with changes of eyepieces to split the doubles. Gwen sat back in her comfortable camp chair and perused with her binoculars the open clusters the Pleiades and  Jewel Box. A pleasant warm night, finished with us climbing into bed after midnight.  Winton Wetlands Skyline. 21st February 2015.    The Moon and Venus.         Picture: Gwen Cheetham.
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