Astronomy Benalla
Reports - 2010
Whirlpool Galaxy m51 & companion galaxy ps07 (Hubble) Black Hole Butterfly Nebula (Hubble image) Sombrero Galaxy (Hubble) Home of Astronomy Benalla Carina Nebula Pillar - ps49 (Hubble image) Most photos on this site can be zoomed by clicking the photo
Astronomy Benalla  Promotional Photographic Session - Monday 7th June 2010 On Monday 7th June, The Border Morning Mail Ltd provided a photographer to attend the Astronomy Benalla Dark Sky site at Badaginnie to carry out a promotional photo shoot, showcasing members of Astronomy Benalla and their telescopes. A series of photographs was taken and will provide input to an article to appear in The Border Mail newspaper to be published on Saturday June 16th. Included will be the results of an interview conducted by Peter Batchelor with Astronomy Benalla President Rupe Cheetham. Below is the line up of telescopes and their owners.           L to R: David Webb, Jan Andrews, Wayne Roberts, Rupe Cheetham, Cynthia Webb & Patrick Watson.             
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Photo: Gwen Cheetham
Located in NE Victoria