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Reports - 2012
Whirlpool Galaxy m51 & companion galaxy ps07 (Hubble) Black Hole Butterfly Nebula (Hubble image) Sombrero Galaxy (Hubble) Home of Astronomy Benalla Carina Nebula Pillar - ps49 (Hubble image) Most photos on this site can be zoomed by clicking the photo
Astronomy Benalla  Meeting Presentations - Wednesday 16th June 2012 Presenter: Patrick Watson So you want to build an observatory! One persons experience. An observatory can be as elaborate:           Tycho Brahe’s Observatory - Uraniborg - or as simple,  as one desires.   Fully portable model ThIs observatory was to consist of a telescope room, a  ‘warm room’, and a rotatable dome. The warm room was fully insulated. The telescope room was not insulated. The building rested on concrete stumps. The pier base was a cubic meter of concrete inset 600mm below ground level. Power was supplied, internal fit-out included power outlets and lighting. Both red and white lights were included. The dome during assembly   11 inch Fork Mounted Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope on a Mitty Wedge Warm room seen from the telescope room. The completed observatory.
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