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Reports - 2015
Astronomy Benalla  Outreach Programme - 26th March 2015 Broken Creek Primary School Following on from last year’s invitation to show their students the wonders of the night sky through our telescopes but which was unfortunately clouded out, our members were asked again this year. This time on Thursday March 26th at their sleep over, we (Patrick, Bev, Rupe, David and Cynthia) successfully eluded the clouds, and the 24 pupils and teachers were shown the planets of Venus peeking through the trees as it was setting in the west, also Jupiter high in the sky with its bands and four Galilean Moons. The first quarter Moon displayed its craters and mountains to perfection. David and Cynthia took the opportunity to use their new refractor telescopes for the first time and, by using zoom lenses, brought the big craters in close. Bev put our 200mm Dobsonian to good use for the open clusters. One of the children reckoned he even saw an astronaut! The night finished with the members being invited to supper and one on one chats with the elder students. Rupe Cheetham                                        Pictures: Raye Down. THE REAL STARS!
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